Call of Cthulhu Card Game Expansion

This is an example of what the board games category would look like on the right side bar. Just an example. I love Call of Cthulhu themed games. I also love Tacos. Staying in

Warhammer 40k Role Playing Games

This is an example post which would talk about Warhammer 40k Roleplaying games. Basically I am making this post so that I can select the Role Playing Game Category and show how it would

KR Multicase

Yesterday Jason and I cruised down to the factory where Daryl makes the KR Multicase stuff and was given a pretty incredible tour and explanation of the entire thing. I have to say I

Using Kanban to track your Hobby Progress

Recently I have received several questions from listeners who may not have been around for Epsiode 82 and who are asking “What is a Kanban board and how do I use one exactly?” So

Carls Top Gaming Moments of 2014

It has been an incredible year. I have attempted to sum up my top moments as they relate to gaming. 1 – Horus Heresy Gaming at Warhammer World What could be better than playing

Old blog destroyed…

I wiped the old blog due to a virus which got into my account through my own stupid fault on my PC. (My Microsoft Security Essentials was disabled for some troubleshooting and I forgot
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